Cloud Hosting

Experience faster load times, infinite scaleability and rock-solid stability! Our cutting edge cloud platform brings you the benefits of the cloud without the complexity!

Why Cloud Hosting?

Twice as Fast

Varnish caching and a global CDN coupled with premium hardware means your website loads up to 2x faster

Infinitely Scaleable

Grow your site as your traffic grows by instantly adding more resources like CPU or RAM to your site

Stable as a Rock

Our platform automatically stores 3 copies of your data across different devices to ensure redundancy

Automatic Failover

We intelligently move your site to a different server if we detect a hardware issue, ensuring your site is always up

Intuitive Dashboard

Monitor the resources your website is using, your website’s performance and get full control over resource usage

Simple Control Panel

Manage your website and associated services such as Email and subdomains with the industry leading cPanel control panel

Personal Cloud
2 CPU cores
Unlimited HDD in RAID
Unlimited Bandwidth
Single Domain
Pro Cloud
6 CPU cores
Unlimited HDD in RAID
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains