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Cloud Hosting Technology

Learn how the cloud works.

User request

A user requests access to a website hosted on our network.


Firewalls scrub incoming data packets to ensure only legitimate TCP traffic on HTTP ports is forwarded to our hosting platform. This helps protect from DDoS attacks, and 0-day vulnerabilities in our web server software.

Load balancers

Load balancers receive legitimate inbound HTTP traffic and quickly distribute it to the correct backend web server. The receiving backend server is chosen based on hosting type, server load and the user’s previous sessions

Server clusters

The backend web servers execute your website’s application code (e.g. PHP or ASP) to generate the landing page. And the servers talk to our MySQL and MS SQL database servers through the secure non-public network.


Website files are stored on hybrid SAS/SSD storage clusters. We already have many hundreds of terabytes of storage deployed – and this can scale instantly as our client base grows.


MySQL databases are stored exclusively on SSD for unbeatable performance. And our Dual 10x Core servers ensure the best possible performance during complex database queries.


We take daily ‘snapshot’ backups of your whole website and store them for 30 days off-server. They can be accessed and restored through your control panel.



See our plan:


Cloud Mini
5GB Storage
1Hosted Websites
50GB Bandwidth
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Free Daily Backups
99.8% Uptime Guarantee
Cloud Business
Ask for priceAsk for price
Unlimited Storage
3 Hosted Websites
Unlimited Bandwidth *
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Free Daily Backups
99.8% Uptime Guarantee